About Personalizing

   What is Personalizing

   You have the option to have the artist complete the blank spaces within the ketubah text including your names, the date and the location of your wedding in both Hebrew and English. If the print is a lithograph, this is done by hand in matching or complementary calligraphy. In most cases the artists fill in their own ketubot. If the artist is unavailable, the ketubah will be filled in by a calligrapher experienced in matching that artist's lettering style.

   On giclee prints, the personalizing is incorporated seamlessly using a calligraphic font. We do have a few artists that use the giclee method to print the ketubah and then personalize it by hand since the text was reproduced from their own calligraphy.

   Generally, there is an additional charge for personalizing a ketubah but some artists include it in their price. If you plan to have your rabbi or cantor do the fill-in be sure to ask them first if they are willing. Some prefer not to risk writing on the artwork. On the other hand, some clergy insist that the ketubah be filled in by hand at the wedding. It's always best to check!

   PLEASE NOTE: Our artists offer the service of personalizing your ketubah. There are many different papers that ketubot are printed on and each artist is experienced at choosing the proper ink and pen type for their artwork. If you're having a rabbi fill in the blank spaces as a contract, we recommend using a medium ballpoint pen. If you are having your own calligrapher fill it in, please note that you and/or your own calligrapher must take full responsibility if any damage is done to the artwork.

   How Do I Submit My Info

   You can access the Personalizing Form from a tab at the top of every page of the website.

   Also, if you have placed your order online through the shopping cart, after you submit your order a link will appear for the Personalizing Form.

   Your order and Personalizing Form are submitted separately so if you would like to place your order but still need to gather information to complete the Personalizing Form, no problem. We will send you occasional reminders that we are still waiting for your information. We watch the calendar and will nudge you if necessary.